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Two of the lead cast members of BBC One’s upcoming two-part gay drama series Man in an Orange Shirt have been announced today (October 21).

Written by best-selling gay author Patrick Gale, the “epic and intimate” miniseries was announced by the BBC earlier this year, and is set to follow the relationships of two same-sex couples set 60 years apart, who are tied together by a painting.

Daily Mail entertanment columnist Baz Bamigboye confirmed today that two of the four lead roles will be played by British actors Julian Morris and David Gyasi.

Morris, 33 is best known as Dr Wren Kingston in US teen drama series Pretty Little Liars, as well as 24’s Agent Owen ER’s Dr Andrew Wade.

Meanwhile, 36-year-old Gyasi has made a host of TV and film appearances in everything from Doctor Who to blockbusters like Interstellar and Cloud Atlas.

According to Gale – best known for his 2000 novel Rough Music – A Man in an Orange Suit explores “strands of gay male experience since the 1940s”, with the first part set in the 1940s and ’50s, and the second in the present day.

The relationships depicted during the two hour-long instalments will be interconnected, with “one depicting a love story made impossible by pressures from society,” and “one a love story derailed by the long-term fallout from the 1940s story.”

Gale adds: “People who know my novels will be unsurprised to hear that the stories give equal focus to wives and mothers and are very much about tensions between family bonds, the need to be good and the urge to seize happiness.”

“I hope [it will] appeal equally to straight and gay viewers but also that they’ll leave either side feeling challenged about things they take for granted.”

When the two-part drama will hit our screens is still uncertain, but we can’t wait to get stuck in when it finally arrives on screens.

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