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Bates Motel comes to an end at the end of the current season, but it looks like producers are keen for it to go out with a bang.

After news that Rihanna would be making an appearance, viewers were stunned last night when they saw Norman (Freddie Highmore) share an intimate moment with another man.

Norman has finally gone full-on Pyscho so to speak, and now he’s begun dressing up as his mother and hooking up with guys at gay bars.

During the latest episode he did exactly that, only the cute guy he picked up believed he was sleeping with Norman’s mum, Norma, the entire time.

“The guy [at the bar] was cute. She’s [Norman as Norma] attracted to him, and they end up in a car… It came from a really human place,” executive producer Kerry Ehrin told TV Line.

“Clearly, Norman’s sexuality is all over the place. It’s not super defined. It made sense to us that this would’ve happened with him — many times, probably.”

“We don’t define it. But we suggest that this is kind of what’s been happening in the couple of years that have passed,” she added.

The decision to reveal that Norman has been having sex with men for years deviates somewhat from the source material, which isn’t surprising, considering Psycho was released when homosexuality was still against the law.

Bates Motel can be found on Netflix in the UK.

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