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A handsome fourth grade teacher has trolled his students in the best way.

Joe Dombrowski, a gay teacher from Michigan, decided to tease his class with a RuPaul-inspired April Fool’s Day joke.

During their latest spelling test, Joe included a bunch of made up words, including “Ro-Laska-Tox” in tribute to the last series of All Stars.

His class were left completely confused, but the teacher managed to keep a straight face right until the very end.

“Ro-laska-tox were surprised when Jinkx took the crown,” he told his students. “If you didn’t get the hypens, I’m sorry — you did not get the word.”

After revealing it was all a joke, Joe added: “Congratulations, turn in your test. This is going to be on your report card.”

Screaming. Why couldn’t we have had a teacher like this at school?

Watch the video below:

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