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Attitude got to sit down with The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star Kyle Richards after she jetted to the UK to promote the latest series of the much-loved reality series.

The Andy Cohen-created show has a huge following around the world, and the latest series has turned out to be one of the most drama-filled yet. No seriously – it’s incredible.

Check out our interview with Kyle below, where she opens up about her hot husband, her arch enemy Brandi Glanville, and how it feels to become the target of a viral meme.

Why do you think the show has such a big gay fan base? 

“I don’t know! I think it’s because we all love to be a fly on the wall. We love having a sneak peek into people’s lives.”

Your husband is HOT. What does he think about having his own gay following? 

“He’s not uncomfortable with that at all! There’s a gay club I go to, The Abbey, I’ll go with friends and tell him to come meet me. And I’ll tell him he needs a bodyguard, men love him. I have a lot of gay friends who tease him about it.”

The reunion for season seven hasn’t aired yet – can you tease something that fans haven’t seen yet? 

“I got into an argument with Lisa Vanderpump. I love Lisa, but something happened and the tensions are running so high. I snapped at her. Also there’s a moment and I was so uncomfortable. I’ve never been more uncomfortable in a reunion ever.”

Dorit’s husband, PK, got a lot of criticism for his behaviour in the final episode of the season – what did you think? 

“Some people say he likes to me on Camera! They’re new on the show, and he was just defensive and protective of her. Sometimes I wish my husband would step in some times! As a woman you think it’s so nice, but it never ends up well for the guy.”

Lisa ‘let’s talk about your arrest’ Rinna’s been at the centre of all the drama this season – are you still friends? 

“I like Lisa Rinna, despite what she’s said and done. She doesn’t know how to control her mouth. I’ve known her to be a nice person, I wonder why she says things or does things. She’s not an awful person – but she’s made some awful choices.”

You’ve become somewhat of a meme queen over the past few years. The “you’re such a f**king liar Camille!’ has become so embedded in pop culture that a Lorde-inspired meme of it went viral recently. How do you feel about it? 

“I don’t get why people think that line is so iconic!

“Maybe I’m  just completely jaded, but I don’t think that’s such a weird thing to say to someone if they’re lying. She was! [Laughs] I get people coming up to me in the street saying ‘Can you say it down the phone’”.

If you could bring back one housewives, who would it be? 

“I love having Camille on the show. We’re good friends. We have a special bond all of us, we love when she shows up. I think that for Camille it’s harder because there’s a lot going on in her personal life. You have to show everything, you can’t really tiptoe around it.

Sometimes you’re sad to see someone go, especially the original cast. Other times you’re like ‘BYE FELICIA!’ [Laughs].”

How would you feel if Brandi Glanville was brought back onto the show? 

“The first thought that came to head I’m not going to verbalise [Laughs]. The way the show is now, I care about these women. They make mistakes sometimes, and they crew up, but to be in an environment and that someone can say things that aren’t true – I just can’t have that in my life.

A lot of people don’t realise that you were the little girl in the original Halloween film all those years ago. Would you ever return to the franchise? 

“I’d actually spoken to them about something like that! But then it got put on hold. I would love to be part of one of the remakes of the original. Lindsey as a mum! It would be amazing.

We forgot to ask her our last question, but she’s thankfully already answered it. Top or Bottom, Kyle? 

What a queen.

You can watch The Real Housewives of Beverley Hills latest season on reality-on-demand streaming service Hayu now















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