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Scott McGlynn is an author, TV presenter and podcaster. On his podcast The Scott McGlynn Show, Scott interviews people in the LGBT+ community about life, bullying and dating.

We sat down with Scott to talk about his podcast, being nominated for an award, and gay role models.

Tell us a bit about your podcast.

The podcast show brings real life stories and celebrity’s all in one, sharing about their LGBTQ coming out experiences, from the good and the bad. The main reason I came up with the show was to help in any way possible, from coming out, bullying, even ideas on careers like acting or singing. Listeners will understand that they’re not alone and hopefully it can help them in some way.

Scott McGlynn, Instagram

Who has been your favourite guest been so far?

All the guest so far have been awesome. They all have different stories and backgrounds. That’s what I love about it – people’s experiences are never the same. Right now my top 3 are Perez Hilton, Daniel Franzese and Bielfield. Stay tuned for more exciting people coming on very soon.

You’ve been nominated for a diversity award – how does it feel to be considered an LGBT+ role model?

It’s a huge honour. From last year just starting off with my book OUT and the interview website till now, the journey has been awesome. To be nominated for LGBT Positive Role Model, I mean WOW! Its means a lot to me, of course, knowing I have had a positive effect on people and supporting LGBT+ community.

Can you tell us about your own coming out story?

It was TOUGH! Within my first week of high school, people were calling me ‘poof’. To be completely honest I didn’t even know what Gay meant! It really affected my confidence, I made sure I was the first one arriving and leaving school so I didn’t have to interact with anyone! I went to the teachers for support. At the start, they were supportive and tried to resolve situations, but after a while I felt like they gave up on me. My parents and family were supportive, I didn’t tell them everything as I didn’t want to come across as a weak person. It affected me hugely inside suffering from depression and anxiety; it really knocked my confidence!

Getting older made it a little easier for me. I met some amazing friends who helped me become who I am today – confident and outgoing.

What would you say to those who are still struggling with their sexuality?

Always remember you’re not alone! Myself growing up struggling I didn’t have the internet or social media to watch or listen others people stories. Embrace who you are and who you want to be!

With the backlash over beauty and the beast recently – do you think we’re still in need of gay role models in Hollywood?

Absolutely! I recent wrote a article for Wales Online about gay role models in Disney and family movies like Beauty and the Beast. This is the future, teaching you children from a young age about same-sex relationships and diversity through movies is important.

Can you tell us what else you’re up to this year – what can fans expect?

I’ve been going to events in London over the last few weeks, recording the podcast, touring the UK meeting children suffering from bullying in schools, and talking with radio shows about the podcast. I’ve been super busy but wouldn’t change it for a second!

You can find out more information about Scott on his website, or follow him on Twitter.

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