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The French President elect has opened up about rumours that he’s gay.

Macron is a supporter of same-sex marriage, which led to some of his opponents accusing him of being closeted.

However, he’s been happily married to an older woman for over a decade, and has repeatedly denied the rumours and insisted that he loves his wife “very much”.

Opening up about the suggestions again in a new interview, he said: “There are two odious things: on one-side misogyny because they say it’s not possible to be with a woman who’s 24 years older.

“That’s how I’ve always lived because I’ve been with my wife for 20 years. And on the other side, it’s homophobic.”

Macron secured a massive 65% of the votes earlier this month, while his far-right rival Le Pen had to settle for just 35%.

At the age of 39, his landmark win makes him the youngest President to ever serve in France.

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