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A Liberal Democrat candidate who said ‘feminising hormones’ in the water supply are turning people gay has lost her deposit after winning less than 1,000 votes during the general election.

Susan King came under fire last week when comments surfaced from an interview she did with the Shropshire Star. During a discussion about the environment, King said: “I do feel environmental influences are affecting reproduction. All the pollution is having an effect on our DNA and our population is changing and evolving.

“There are a lot of feminising hormones getting into the environment and that has to be taken into consideration. It’s affecting people’s sexuality basically. People are at liberty to interpret how they want to live themselves.”

She continued: “Everything that’s getting into the environment is disrupting the way industrialisation has changed our living conditions, residues of all sorts of feminising hormones in the water supply from pharmaceuticals, etc, which is affecting gender of fish stock, etc.”

King came third in the Telford constituency, which was won by Conservative Lucy Allan. King only got 954 votes, slightly down from the Lib Dems result in 2015 in the constituency.

Better luck next time Susan!

As the results stand, the Conservatives have 316 seats and Labour are on 261, with three constituencies still to be declared. The Tories needed 326 seats to claim a parliamentary majority.

The result is a massive upset for the Conservatives. The election was called with the goal of strengthening Theresa May’s majority in negotiating Britain’s exit from the EU. She has now lost the small majority she had to begin with.

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