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It looks like gay men have turned their backs on Donald Trump.

Gays for Trump, made up of men who for some unknown reason have pledged support to the underachieving and under-qualified President of the United States, has been around ever since the former reality star ran for election.

Their slogan – ‘Let’s Get Behind Trump’ – is a play on the LGBT acronym.

But with Trump’s approval ratings at an all-time low, and as even republicans start turning away from him in droves, it looks like Gays for Trump may be out of business.

On July 1st, a photo of a Gays for Trump Rally that took place on the National Mall in Washington D.C was shared online, and it’s honestly the best thing we’ve ever seen.


The jokes quickly told themselves too:

The President – who has so far failed to acknowledge the gay Pride month in the US or, you know, do absolutely anything to further LGBT+ equality during his first six months in office – finally let the words ‘the gays’ leave his lips during a political rally in Iowa last week.

Unfortunately, it wasn’t for the benefit of said ‘gays’. Instead, predictably, it was to further his own victim narrative and get in a swipe at his predecessor Barack Obama in the process.

“Isn’t it amazing,” Trump told the watching crowd of Republican supporters. “[Obama] can deal with Iran. You talk about bad… The gays, the women, bad to everyone … brutal. I deal with anybody and it’s like ‘Donald Trump is a terrible human being.’”

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