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Troye Sivan got more than he expected when he stayed at an AirBnB this week,

The Youtuber-turned-popstar rushed to Twitter last night (July 28) to share the creepiest story about an admirer who had found out where he was staying.

He said that he spotted someone hanging around suspiciously outside late at night, and then he got “seriously spooked” when the man kept ringing the doorbell.

He explained: “But my UberEATS guy was lost so I was out there for like 5 mins and the guy who lives next door was outside too and looking at me sooo sus.

“So I was like ?? But thought maybe he just was like wait that’s not my neighbour why he staying next to me?? Like thought I was a dodgy guy.”

The star continued: “Then I got my sundae and went inside. This was at 10.30pm. I cleaned the house and got into bed n chilled. An hour passes and I’m sleepy and the doorbell rings ???? And I’m like who?? It’s 11.30pm.

I ignore it and then at like 11.45 it rings again 4 times. And then again at midnight and I’m seriously like spooked as fuck. But it’s not my house and like what could anyone possibly want from me at that time?? Like Wait till morning!! I’m trying to sleep.”

But then things got even weirder.

Just take a look:

In the morning, Troye ventured outside and he found two notes that had been left for him.

Obviously beyond creeped out, Troye revealed that he had decided to leave the AirBnB early.

“SIS what would he have done if I answered the door at MIDNIGHT alone??? Long story short I’m leaving the Airbnb TODAY.”

We don’t blame him.

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