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A couple of months back, we told you that there was a Golden Girls-style sitcom about a group of older gay men in the works – but the future is looking uncertain for the TV project.

Stan Zimmerman and James Berg, who wrote episodes of The Golden Girls along with shows like Roseanne and Gilmore Girls, had written the pilot of a series called Silver Foxes, which focuses on the lives of four older gay men.

“Every one of us is getting older,” Zimmerman said of the series in an interview. “Especially with gays and lesbians and transgender, we create our own families—and that’s what The Golden Girls did. Those women came together and supported each other.”

The pair hosted a table read of the script, which was attended by George Takei, Leslie Jordan, and Bruce Vilanch among others. However, since that time, they have had trouble shopping the series out to networks.

As reported by NewNowNext, Zimmerman recently said that they can’t pick up any interest for the series, and ageism and homophobia are to blame.

“Unfortunately, we cannot get one network executive to read it,” he explained, “Or even a producer to pass it to them. We have found ageism and homophobia alive and well in Hollywood. Hopefully a groundswell of support from the viewing public will get an outlet like Hulu or Amazon to make it.”

As if we don’t already have enough reasons to support this show, Zimmerman also revealed that he’d want Betty White, the last surviving Golden Girl, to guest star on Silver Foxes.

We need to make this happen.

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