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Will & Grace will be a little different when it returns next month.

The show came to an end in 2006, when viewers saw Will & Grace go their separate ways for over a decade, before bumping into each other when their kids ended up at the same college and reigniting their friendship.

With the show coming back, creator Max Mutchnick has admitted that in order for the series to properly work, they’ve had to completely ignore that the finale ever happened – and we’re kind of glad, tbh.

“We spent most of our time trying to figure out what would be the way to make the show the best version of itself coming back after 11 years. That finale really caused us a lot of grief. You write a finale because a show is over. You never think that it’s coming back again,” he told Entertainment Weekly.

“When the decision was made to bring the series back, we were like, well, we left them with kids, right? And if they have children, then it has to be about them being parents, ‘cause presumably it would be a priority in their lives. And if it wasn’t a priority in their lives, then they’re still parents, they’re just bad parents, right?

“We frankly did not want to see them being either good parents or bad parents. We wanted them to be Will and Grace,” he added.

So basically, Will & Grace will both be how we remembered them best – single and childless.

We couldn’t be happier.

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