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Piers Morgan has come under fire for shutting down an interview live on Good Morning Britain.

On yesterday’s show, Dr Michael Davidson appeared in order to discuss recent findings about the practice of the therapy in the UK. Conversion therapy involves counselling people to ‘reject’ their homosexuality and live straight lives. LGBT+ people may be forced to undergo the therapy, or feel that they have to due to religious views.

Social media was outraged by the decision to even allow his views to be given a platform, and well over 100 complaints were made to Ofcom after the interview aired.

In response to the criticism, Morgan invited LGBT+ journalist Patrick Strudwick onto the show this morning to debate whether GMB were right to invite Davidson on in the first place.

“There’s a difference between views and practice. When they practice these techniques, they cause a lot of harm,” said Strudwick.

“You wouldn’t have someone on here that says people with cancer shouldn’t have chemotherapy. Why? Because that would be deemed irresponsible. Similarly, you should not give a platform to people like that who deliver a message that is dangerous to some of the most vulnerable people watching. It is irresponsible broadcasting.”

After Morgan attempted to defend the show’s decision, Strudwick added: “You used to be a journalist and now you’re just a narcissist,” Patrick hit back. “You’ve gone from exposing people to just shouting at them. There’s [a] big difference.”

Strudwick’s remarks didn’t sit well with the outspoken presenter, who immediately decided to shut the interview down.

“I’ve tried to show your respect and you’ve shown me none, so now we’re going to end this,” he said. “I’m sorry you feel this way. You just want to hear your own views and anyone who doesn’t agree has to be immediately dismissed. I don’t like that.

“I want to hear opposing views, but I don’t want to have a debate where I’m showing you respect and you are not showing me any back. Let’s finish this here,” he added.

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