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The Girls Aloud reunion back in 2012 almost happened without Nadine Coyle.

Sarah Harding, Kimberley Walsh, Cheryl Cole, Nicola Roberts and Nadine had all signed on the dotted line to return to the band following a hiatus to release their second Greatest Hits album, Ten.

However, it turns out everything was running far from smoothly behind the scenes, claims the singer.

While she was on holiday, Coyle claims she received a phone call telling her that the other four members of the band had decided that balled Beautiful ‘Cause You Love Me was going to be their comeback single.

“I was in Disneyland and I was told that was the song they were going with and so I said I couldn’t do the reunion,” she told The Guardian. “‘Beautiful ’cause you love me’? We’re beautiful anyway!”

Her refusal to be a part of the single release thankfully helped change the label’s mind, and Coyle admits she got a call back minutes later.

She added: “Then I got a call back saying it was now Something New and I was like, ‘OK, let’s do it.’”

When it was eventually released, the ballad limped into the charts at #97.

Despite all the drama with the rest of the girls, Coyle remains adamant the she would return to the band if they gave the green-light.

“To be truthful, I didn’t want to break up in the first place. So I would have been sitting here with the other four. I was happy to continue.”

Coyle’s comeback single Go To Work is available to download and stream now



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