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Professional wrestler Anthony Bowens came out as bisexual last year in a video alongside YouTuber boyfriend Michael Pavano.

The couple have remained together ever since and in a new YouTube video, the couple took some time to answer questions from fans, including how they met, and it wasn’t easy.

“I was in the closet at the time and I was scanning through Instagram when I came across his profile,” Bowens explains.

He then struggled over messaging Pavano before finally deciding to do it, sending him a direct message and discovering that Pavano was in an on-off relationship with someone else.

Pavano explains: “It was the last break that we took before we made it official that it was over. And that’s when I met [Bowens] and was instantly attracted to him. I was just like ‘wow’.”

“I even told my ex at the time that I was so attracted to him as soon as we got back together after that break.”

However, it seems Pavano’s then-boyfriend didn’t like that, as he sent Bowens a message saying: “I would really like it if you didn’t message him anymore.”

This led the wrestler to deleting both Michael and his boyfriend, and he didn’t hear from Pavano for another three months until he sent a friend request.

After chatting once again and meeting Pavano a day before his birthday at a bar, the pair “instantly clicked.” After a second date to the beach, the two realised they had a lot more in common than they thought.

“That day I knew this is the guy that I can see myself with. He is so spontaneous, he’s so fun, he’s up for anything.”

You can watch the adorable video below:

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