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Reports of LGBT students suffering bullying has doubled in the last two years in Manchester.

A new report from former Manchester MP and LGBT campaigner John Leech reveals that over 600 incidents of bullying against LGBT students have been reported over the last six years.

The reports ranged from name calling to physical assault and data revealed that between 2012-13 and 2014-15, incidents doubled from 76 to 160.

Leech submitted a Freedom of Information (FOI) inquiry to every secondary school in the city, though only 36 of the 42 schools asked supplied data. Despite this, Leech states it’s “depressingly clear” that homophobic and transphobic bullying is here to stay.

Leech, who previously led a campaign to pardon Alan Turing, also voiced his concern at the number of schools who had reported zero incidents over the last five years and believes schools may be too worried to reveal true statistics.

Speaking to the Manchester Gazette, Leech said: “Bullying of any kind is completely unacceptable, but to still have homophobia and transphobia rife in Manchester’s schools is deplorable.”

The data for 2016-17 only covers reports until January 2017, but there’s already been 134 reported incidents, making it one of the worst years yet.

Leech has pledged to help work with schools and LGBT groups to help promote equality and tackle in the growing problem of homophobic and transphobic bullying.

Earlier this month, new research by Stonewall found a huge rise in LGBT hate crime in the UK.

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