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English actor Gregg Sulkin has been moving away from his former Disney image and gave fans an eyeful of his bod on Instagram after sharing a workout video earlier this year.

Sulkin, who is set to star in Marvel’s upcoming series Runaways, has once again stripped down for an interview with Rawpages, in which the actor reflects on his time starring in MTV’s Faking It and how it helped the LGBT community.

When asked what his favourite seen to shoot from Runaways has been, the actor, who loves showing off his body, revealed he was forbidden to talk about it, but compares the scene to one from the first season of MTV’s Faking It. 

“I can’t talk too much about it or else I’ll get in trouble, but I did a show called Faking It on MTV a few years ago, and there was a time on the first season when I got goosebumps.”

He continues, ” I remember watching the monitors thinking, ‘Oh, this is actually a really important show!’ Like, it helps the LGBT community and it has a really cool message.”

Sulkin also stated that, after watching Faking It, he thought the show would “go a few seasons”, and he was right.

The comedy, which featured two girls faking to be a lesbian couple for popularity, spanned three seasons before it was cancelled in 2014, and featured television’s first transgender character played by a trans actor.

A scene from Sulkin’s upcoming Runaways series gave him goosebumps again, with him stating: “The other day on set I was watching the monitors and got that same feeling that I don’t get very often.”

“It was humbling to be in that moment, but it’s also super exciting to be as passionate about landing a role on a show as you were when you first started in the industry.”

Sulkin also jokes that he only caught the acting bug and branched into the industry after dressing up as a girl at the age of nine for a school play.

“I put socks down my top and wore a very tight skirt and at the end of the evening, my mum tells me, ‘Oh, you’re actually very good!’ I didn’t think anything of it but a couple of years later, my mum told me to go to an audition.”

He adds, “I didn’t want to go, but part of me always thought to myself, ‘That was so fun a few years ago. I loved doing that one performance.’”

Sulkin’s upcoming Marvel series, Runaways, premieres November 21. Meanwhile, you can take a look at the actor’s hottest moments.

You can watch Sulkin’s complete shoot below:

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