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A man is standing trial for murdering a hookup partner he met at a popular cruising ground in Toronto.

56-year-old Derrick Lawlor admitted to police that he’s frequently overcome by the desire to murder other gay men and the only way for Lawlor to fight the urge, is by having anonymous sex.

He allegedly told detective Constable Les Pyke that his urge to kill has been “escalating”and “getting worse.”

However, he pleaded not guilty to the murder of divorced father of two Mark McCreadle whom he had encountered in Victoria Park, Kitchener, in 2014.

Reports claim that Lawlor came across a drunk McCreadie and another man having sex on April 6, 2014, and joined them. After the other man left, Lawlor allegedly strangled McCreadie and stabbed him several times.

Lawlor later called police from Grand River Hospital, informing them that he had information on McCreadie’s murder. He was arrested and, during interrogation, Lawlor claimed he had been “violently raped” the year before, leading to his alcoholism and promiscuous behaviour.

He said: “I became sexually promiscuous after the rape. There are times I go into a dark place in my mind. I never hurt anyone that I can remember.”

Following Lawlor’s arrest, police interviewed the third man involved on the night, who claimed Lawlor tired to wrap a scarf around his neck, but managed to get away by pulling it off. Lawlor, meanwhile, only remembers wrapping a scarf around a man’s neck, but nothing else.

After Lawlor lost his job as a student advisor at the University of Waterloo, his alcoholism and anxiety became worse, only fueling his desire to hurt people.

Once, after meeting a businessman one night, Lawlor was invited to the man’s house, but was asked why he appeared so nervous.

“I was fighting with myself, the urges,” Lawlor admits. “Trying to convince myself he was a decent guy a not who I thought he was. I had the knife with me that night.”

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