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Australian is currently involved in a dividing poll for marriage equality and while many stars such as Elton John have voiced their support, others haven’t been as enthusiastic.

The Coalition for Marriage, the main group opposing equal marriage in the country, erected a new sign on Thursday (September 21) encouraging people to vote ‘No’.

The billboard read “It’s OK to say ‘No’”, and when staff at Wiseguise Pizza in Launceston, Australia, spotted it next to their business, they had the best response.

With permission, staff members began painting the wall adjacent to the billboard, adding the words “to pineapple on pizza!” to take the sting out of the hateful sign.

Speaking to ABC, Wiseguise Pizza worker Ben Barwick said: “We are painting the side of our building, not on the sign, and basically turning that into a bit of humour.”

Alex Jones, the managing director of Wiseguise Pizza, believed the billboard would have a negative impact on the business.

“We try not to have a political point of view as a business, so I think we’ve taken the stance away from it. I think this is a better solution to just the sign on its own.”

Australians campaigning for marriage equality.

It took around three hours for staff members to paint the words and the billboard has since been defaced with purple paint.

Australia’s controversial poll has already divided the country’s national rugby team, as well as the country a whole. Many prominent Aussie stars such as Liam and older brother Chris Hemsworth as well as Kylie and Danni Minogue have come out in support of the ‘Vote Yes’ campaign.

However, Australian tennis legend Margaret Court has expressed her opposition to LGBT+ equality, even going so far as to argue that same-sex marriage could lead to the end of Christmas in Australia.

The result of Australia’s poll, which will see registered voters aged 18 and over answer the question ‘Should the law be changed to allow same-sex couples to marry?’, is set to be announced on November 15.

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Australian pizza shop’s response to billboard opposing equal marriage is perfect
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Australian pizza shop’s response to billboard opposing equal marriage is perfect