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Few pop stars manage to hang around for long enough to become certified legends, but Pink is one of them.

She started out as an R&B star, but as her career progressed she calved out a space for herself in the industry as a feisty pop star that took absolutely no prisoners.

We’ve been blessed with banger after banger over the years, and her new album looks set to continue that trend and then some. To celebrate the imminent release of Beautiful Trauma – in stores October 13 – we’ve decided to take a look back at her Top Ten best singles.

Who Knew

Potentially a controversial pick for #1, Who Knew sees Pink at her absolute best. A heart-wrenching track about losing a loved one to addiction, it’s a powerful track that still hits hard all these years later.


No one does a break up song like Pink, and while they’re usually balls-to-the-wall anthems, Try saw her go down a different route. The video remains the best visual she’s ever made, and it still stuns us to this day.

Just Like A Pill

Arguably her best known song, Just Like A Pill appears to be about drug addition on the surface, but delve deeper into the song and it’s about a toxic partner that she’s struggling to let go of. The song has one of the most anthemic bridge’s in pop history, and it’s not aged a day.

Please Don’t Leave Me

Showing the more vulnerable side to Pink – albet it with a edge – Please Don’t Leave Me sees the star admitting she’s been a bit of a sh*t, but asking her partner to stick with her anyway. We’ve all been there, right?

“But baby I don’t mean it… I mean it” still hits hard.

Don’t Let Me Get Me

The go-to anthem for anyone in high school who didn’t quite fit in, this became one of Pink’s biggest ever hits. We’ll always appreciate the Britney shout out too.

U + Ur Hand

Pink at her most badass, U + Ur Hand sees the star telling all the seedy guys in bars to leave her the f**k alone. A feminist queen.

Get This Party Started

Name a better song to play before the Uber arrives on a Friday night.

What About Us

What a comeback. After a few years without an album, Pink stormed back into the charts around the world with this mid-tempo banger and it was like she’d never left.

I Don’t Believe You

While ballads may not be what you’d normally go when listening to Pink, I Don’t Believe You shows a softer side to the star. She’s released her relationship is over, but she refuses to let go because he always told her they would never be apart.

So What

If we ever had to sum up Pink in a song, it would be this one. A straight up f**k you anthem, it encompasses everything that made her the pop icon she is today.

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