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Former Leeds United Managing Director David Haigh has revealed that around 20 football players are gay, but ‘afraid’ to come out.

Haigh, who is openly gay, revealed that players in both the Premier League and the Championship have asked him for advice.

He reveals that footballers had contacted him while he was promoting LGBT rights at Leeds with Stonewall back in 2013.

Speaking to The Mirror, Haigh said: “There are many people, including players and agents, who approached me and 20 is a fair number in my view.”

“I wanted a group to come out together. My figure on the number of gay players is probably a gross underestimate. This is from my experience. They’re still playing, in the Premier League, and the Championship.”

He adds: “When people feel safe, they will confide in you.”

The last footballer to come out while playing was Justin Fashanu who came out in 1990, but tragically died eight years later after he committed suicide.

Haigh’s remarks come after former Premier League footballer Carl Hoefkens revealed two of his teammates were gay.

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