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Australia’s ongoing postal survey on same-sex marriage may have needlessly divided the nation over the issue of equality, but at least it’s come with its share of heartwarming moments.

As the November 7 deadline looms, one man who’s lived to see plenty of change Down Under has revealed the reasons he’s voting ‘Yes’ to equal marriage.

104-year-old Alex explains that after more than a century on Earth, he’s learnt that “you accept people as they are” – and that’s exactly what he tells his gay grandson Paul when he asked how he’d be voting this month.

“I was married 45 years,” explains Alex in the video for AU Marriage Equality. “Betty died in 2009, we had a happy marriage.

“Having lived through 104 years, you accept people as they are.”

The centenarian adds: “What I can’t understand is what all the fuss and commotion is about, because there human beings like ourselves,  and so they should have the same rights an privileges as ourselves.”

We couldn’t put it better ourselves, Alex.

The deadline for ballots to be returned in Australia’s legally non-binding poll on equal marriage is November 7. The result of the survey is set to be announced just over a week later, on November 15.

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