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Voting for Australia’s same-sex debate has officially closed and as votes are being counted, it seems we’ve already found a winner.

Around 13 million Australians have returned their surveys in the country’s postal vote on equal marriage, and a final poll by Guardian Australia has predicted a landslide win for the ‘Yes’ campaigners.

Around 64% of the 1,729 people asked claimed they backed the ‘Yes’ campaign, while 31% are believed to have voted ‘No’. However, more voters over the age of 55 reveal they’ve voted in the survey (94%) than people under the age of 35, at 80%.

The Guardian Australia’s poll also revealed that Greens party voters (92%) are more likely to vote ‘Yes’ in the debate than Labor voters (79%).

Australians campaigning for marriage equality.

Numerous public polls throughout the duration of the postal vote have shown the ‘Yes’ campaign to be in the lead.  However, the ballot is only advisory and will not actually affect the Australian government’s decision to legalise same-sex marriage.

Despite the overwhelmingly positive prediction, ‘Yes’ campaigners and members of the LGBT community have suffered homophobic attacks throughout the campaign.

Razor blades, dirt and glitter had been found in same-sex marriage ballots, a ‘No’ campaigner attempted to kick a dog because it wore a ‘Yes’ scarf and a number of homophobic attacks surfaced during the postal vote.

The LGBT Legal Service kept track of the attacks since the vote began and have since collected over 200 examples of hate speech made during that time, Gay Star News reports.

Social media channels, news websites and public spaces were all monitored during the postal vote and Matilda Alexander, the president of the LGBT Legal Service claims the vote “opened the door to homophobia”.

“Instead of legitimate debate, the LGBT community has had to put up with weeks of destructive commentary which only takes society backwards on the progress which has lead to broader acceptance of LGBT people in the last 30 years.”

The result of Australia’s poll is set to be announced on November 15.

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