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Shawn Mendes has opened up about his relationship history.

The Nothing Holding Me Back singer appeared on an Australian radio show earlier this week, where he took part in a game of “please have mercy” with the hosts.

He was forced to answer a series of explicit questions, and if he failed to respond, a producer would have to get an electric shock as punishment.

Sean was asked: “What’s the oldest lover you’ve ever had?”

To which he replied: “Um… 26….25. Yeah, 25. When I was 19.”

The hunky singer was then asked if he “manscapes,” to which he replied: “Yeah of course, it would be weird of I didn’t wouldn’t it.”

Good to know.

Sadly, the star was less forthcoming with the other questions, which included asked what noises he makes during sex and who the last celebrity he kissed was. Damn it, Sean.

Watch the chat below in full:

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