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Artisan handcrafted jewellery brand John Hardy, founded in Bali in 1975, has unveiled its new Made for Legends campaign.

It aims to celebrate the personal power of femininity through the bold philosophy of wearing jewellery to express, to empower, and most of all, to honour the unstoppable potential of the self.

Made For Legends calls on women to also acquire their own pieces as a means to strengthen spirit and bolster courage. Every piece celebrates achievement and demonstrates the power of personal expression.

Perfect in its imperfection, John Hardy jewellery is as distinctive as the women who wear it.

Photo by Luis Ruiz

Photo by Luis Ruiz

Actress Julianne Moore and Model/Activist Adwoa Aboah explore what it means to be a legend in the campaign, telling the story of the Classic Chain, Modern Chain, and Naga Collections—meaningful designs crafted from the raw power and strength of John Hardy’s origin in Bali.

Building on the dynamic, pioneering legacy of Cynthia Hardy—adventurer, muse, and wife to founder John Hardy—women everywhere are invited to create their own legend through the art of wearing dramatic, powerful, and inspiring one-of-a-kind pieces handcrafted by Balinese artisans at the Ubud workshop using techniques passed down from generations of Master Artisans.

Photo by Luis Ruiz

Photo by Luis Ruiz

Moore and Aboah lead the campaign with their shared values of purposefulness, passion, and fearlessness. “These women are true legends. John Hardy is honored to collaborate with such daring role models,” notes Robert Hanson, CEO of John Hardy.

“They inspire women everywhere to create their own legend through the courage of their convictions, also reflected through their choices and personal expression wearing powerful, unique artisan hand-crafted jewelry.”

“Photographing these women was an awe-inspiring experience. Not only does this campaign celebrate their individuality, it also showcases the duality of feminine strength and vulnerability they possess. In the photos, as in life, they are armed by John Hardy to take on the world,” said photographers Luigi Murenu and Iango Henzi, who brought John Hardy’s legends to life in a series of arresting images.

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