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How Birth Certificates Are Being Weaponized Once Again

When Walter A. Plecker died in August 1947, his “death was considered a gift by many,” writes historian Arica L. Coleman in her searing history, That the Blood Stay Pure: African Americans, Native Americans, and the Predicament of Race and Identity in Virginia. “It...

Reverse Migration Might Turn Georgia Blue

ATLANTA—Adrienne White remembers the first time she visited Atlanta as a junior in college. White, who is black, walked into a grocery store in an affluent neighborhood while she was staying with her uncle, and by the time she walked out, she hadn’t seen one white...
Lesbian mums can’t register baby in Italy

Lesbian mums can’t register baby in Italy

19 April 2018 Image copyright Science Photo Library Image caption Italy has strict laws making fertility treatment available only to stable heterosexual couples. Authorities in Turin, northern Italy, have refused to register the baby of a lesbian couple. Chiara...
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